Classic Car & Vehicle Services

Vintage & Classic Car Maintenance

All of our vintage and classic cars need routine maintenance. This could be in the form of annual servicing and / or general repairs, through to in-depth reports detailing every aspect of your vehicles faults and requirements, along with outlining a suggested plan of works to get your classic back to its former glory. Let us know what we can help you with.

Classic Car Recommissioning

Has your project stalled? Or did you run out of time to keep it on the road.. either way we are here to help. Contact us with details and we will help get that classic back on the road.

Classic & Vintage Car Electrical Work

Make discreet additions to your classic without spoiling the original look. Charge sockets, DAB bluetooth radio, additional lamps, electric fans, electronic ignition, swap your dynamo for an alternator in an original look dynamo casing. Battery master switches.

Re-wire your classic with original type cotton or pvc covered loom with any additions you would like to add. Pre-made or bespoke looms can be tailored to your needs.

Rotating electrics serviced and overhauled, starter motors, alternators, electric motors, dynamos and magnetos all serviced by our local and long-standing contractor.

Classic Car & Vehicle Restoration

Mechanical overhaul can take many forms from engine, gearbox and axle rebuilds down to replacing bushes, bearings and brakes. Contact us for your needs.

We also provide a component coating / protection service. We can provide a strip and fit service of the components and paint them in a highly durable polyurethane coating in house or if preferred send them for powder coating.

Classic Car Strip & Fit Service

A huge part of any restoration is the strip and fit up of the vehicle, if you are having a full or partial repaint often body shops won’t take on the task of the strip and fit up, a lengthy and time consuming task to carry out with any finesse. We can help.

Classic Vehicle Anti Corrosion Treatments

Including anti chip underbody coatings, bitumen sealed coating and cavity waxes for injection into panels, chassis sections, body box sections and common corrosion points.

Vintage & Classic Car Upgrades

Brakes, engine, suspension, electrical parts are all areas commonly upgraded on older vehicles. We can help with all these areas and more, please feel free to contact us to find out more.

Current Workshop Rates

£60 + VAT per hour

Does your classic vehicle need some love?

Get in touch with us now to get your pride and joy restored to it’s full glory.